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The idyllic alpine landscape in the valley below Mt Mangart invites you to enjoy its beauty and feel the welcoming village atmosphere in all seasons of the year. Discover your path to nature and to yourself. Unwind by trying out some of the many available sports activities.


Our region offers a wide range of possibilities – from short relaxing walks to more challenging hikes. Mangart, the 4th highest peak in Slovenia, which reigns above the Koritnica Valley, represents one of the more demanding ascents. The peak of this 2,678m high mountain can be reached via two routes. The Slovene route (turn right at the intersection) is steeper, with steel cables, has very exposed passages and requires a Via Ferrata Set and a helmet. The Italian way is easier on your breath. Stunning views over Italian, Austrian and Slovenian mountains.

The Soča Trail (25 km) is famous and as such not the loneliest path in the region. It is flat for the most part, nondemanding and appropriate for mountaineering beginners. It starts at the source of the Soča River and runs all the way to Bovec. Picturesque hanging bridges, lonely homesteads and a fresh breeze from the Soča river are only a few highlights of this path, connecting peaceful and mysterious parts of the Trenta valley. Good to know: in the summertime, regular bus lines operate along the route.

Alpe Adria Trail – the above mentioned Soča Trail is a part of the much longer Alpe Adria Trail, starting at the foot of Mt. Großglockner (Hohe Tauern) in Austria leading all the way to Muggia by the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Along the way, hikers are able to get to know the cultural diversity of three regions (Carinthia, Slovenia, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia), connected by a common history. The beauty and magic of the landscape will make sure you experience unforgettable moments and lasting impressions. Closest to us are the following stages: the 23rd (Kranjska Gora-Trenta), the 24th (Trenta-Bovec), 25th (Bovec- Drežnica), and the 26th (Drežnica – Tolmin).

The Walk of Peace connects the areas, people, and rich cultural and natural heritage along the frontline of the Isonzo Front (WWI). It is a memorial to all those who suffered during World War I and promotes the value of peace and collaboration in the present. It begins in Log pod Mangartom at the entrance to the mining shaft Štoln (by the cemetery head towards the sports field, first signs are located by the outdoor museum).

Juliana Trail (270km, 16 stages) – this brand new trail (opened in 2019) invites you to try out another version of long-distance hikes. It occasionally meets with the routes described above. A circular variant takes you via Log pod Mangartom to Italy, via Rateče to Kranjska Gora and forward to Bohinj, across the mountains to Tolmin and up the valley to Kobarid, Bovec and back to Log pod Mangartom. No mountain summit is part of this trail – you will walk along the edge of the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps in the respectful distance at the foot of the peaks. The perfect way to unwind.

The surroundings of Log pod Mangartom is a true paradise for mountaineers. May it be with crampons, ice axes or simply climbing shoes on their feet – the area will make them happy in summer and winter alike.


From Log pod Mangartom you can take the 17km long royal bike ascent to the 2,055 m high Mangart Saddle. Good gravel trails in the nearby valleys of Možnica and Koritnica can be explored with mountain bikes. You will be accompanied by breathtaking views and waterfalls. Those who crave more adrenaline should try a mountain bike descent from Mt Stol or Mt Kanin.

Adrenaline Rush

In the summer, we strongly recommend a canyoning tour in the Fratarica Canyon only a few metres away from Hiša Urška. An experienced guide will lead you through natural toboggans, crystal clear pools, and descents down waterfalls with a rope. It is worth mentioning that the highest waterfall Parabola is 52 m high. Do you dare?

If you are drawn to the refreshing Soča river, we recommend you to take a rafting tour or take on the rapids on your own in a kayak, in the company of a local guide. If you are a beginner, you can take a kayak course in one of the local schools. For even more adrenaline, a paragliding tandem flight from the Mangart saddle is not to be missed. The views will leave you breathless. In the valley, there are four zip-line parks waiting for you to feel the wind in your hair as you speed down the steel line.

For more information on which of the providers to choose, ask us anytime.

Our Valleys

Apart from numerous adrenaline-loaded pleasures, the Soča Valley also offers many opportunities to spend quiet time in nature. Reach wonderful remote spots only with a short walk and return with an unforgettable photo in your pocket or in your heart. The magical source of the Soča river starts telling the tale of the river’s beauty, which flows through three canyons after it emerges. The second canyon – the deepest and most stunning – is located at the intersection between the valleys of Trenta and Lepena. Further up the Lepena Valley you can take the beautiful Šunikov Vodni Gaj circular path. After heavy rains, the Boka Waterfall is a majestic sight – enormous quantities of water emerge straight out the foot of the Kanin Mountain Range. The Virje Waterfall is a true green jewel located near the village of Plužna. And we could go on and on …

The valley of such majestic natural beauties was also marked by something tragic in the past – World War I. Nowadays, numerous remnants still bear witness to the battles of the Isonzo Front.

Slovenia at your fingertips

With its unique nature, Slovenia is a true piece of paradise on earth. Its small size is our advantage. From pleasant walks on the shore of Piran, a train ride in the Postojna Cave, a stroll through Ljubljana’s old town centre, a boat ride on the Bled lake, to the sunset in the vibrant vineyards of Goriška Brda.

Need more tips? By now you already know who to ask.

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